Welcome! I’ve created this website to bring together my academic work: research, teaching and other related activity. My research expertise lies in English literature, although I am developing strengths in Creative Economy research through my current work at Cardiff University (see below).

My literature research is focused mostly on early modern English literature, drama and cultural history, as well as critical theory. I co-edited Shakespeare and the Future of Theory (Routledge). My next research project explores the notion of fragility in literature and contemporary theory. I also have a continuing interest in the publicity of John Taylor, the traveling Water Poet (1578-1653). My PhD research dealt with Shakespeare, audience expectation and taste; I successfully defended my doctoral thesis on Troilus and Cressida in 2013 at Cardiff University, where I taught literature from a range of historical periods for six years as a Postgraduate Tutor. In 2014-15 I was a Postdoctoral Lecturing Fellow in the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Now I am back at Cardiff University, where I am delivering a module on Shakespeare’s Late Plays.

I also  work as a Research Associate for Cardiff University’s Creative Economy project, where I am the Research Network Co-ordinator for the Creative Cardiff Research Network @CUCreative. The network supports creative research of various kinds, such as work on the creative economy, work with creatives outside the university, and work by creative practitioners in the university. As part of that work, I’ve been supporting the exciting ‘Festivals Research Group’, which undertook a pilot project with Sŵn Music Festival in Cardiff in 2016/17.

I co-run the blog Cardiff Shakespeare, which I created in 2010, and tweet from @CardiffShakes, @DrJ_Gregory, and @CUCreative


If you click on the + bar at the very bottom of the page, this will open out an additional menu with information about how to subscribe and other details about the website.

Stones on the beach

Beach PhotoThis was my first attempt at stone balancing – Caldey Island, Easter, 2014. Photos by Francesca Gregory. See Adrian Gray for more.


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