My Early Modern Editing Experiments Project #JohnTaylor #WaterPoet


John Taylor

Encouraged by the ‘WISE: What is Scholarly Editing?’ AHRC-funded workshop I attended in April 2015, I’ve now started work on a project concerning early modern editing, focusing on John Taylor the Water Poet in particular. The project arises from my desire to see more Taylor available in places other than EEBO (great though it is) and specialist libraries. It’s exciting to be working on the Water Poet for this project because he was very keen on reaching a wide audience for his work, and so it seems right to be experimenting with the possibilities of digital humanities in order to enable more people to read the wonderful – and idiosyncratic – work of John Taylor.

Find out more from the page here:

I’ve also started collecting work on John Taylor here; in the first instance, this is work available online, but I hope to create an up-to-date bibliography of scholarship on the Water Poet soon.