Exciting News: I’m joining the @CU_CreativeCDF team #CreativeEconomy


From the Creative Cardiff Newsletter:

Creative Economy team expands to help build ‘Creative @ Cardiff’ network

For the next six months Dr Johann Gregory and Professor Steve Blandford will be working to develop our growing network of academics and our research plans.

The Creative Economy team has gained college funding to build the ‘Creative @ Cardiff’ network. Dr Johann Gregory from the School of English, Philosophy & Communication will join us part-time from December until June 2016. Professor Steve Blandford, Emeritus Professor at the University of South Wales, will also be advising us on this work.

They will be working to encourage and support more research on the creative economy and to build better links between academics and those working in the city’s creative economy. By developing groups around research themes we hope to encourage more collaboration across the college, and beyond. We also want to raise the profile of the wealth of research activity already taking place in this area.

If you have a suggested theme or area of work which you would like Johann and Steve to develop then please get in touch.

Find out more here: http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/creativecardiff

Photo credit: Flickr – Al Crompton


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