Year’s Work in English Studies: Shakespeare


9780226150642The Shakespeare’s section of The Year’s Work in English Studies has now been published online. I have contributed the Shakespeare’s Tragedies part (pp. 81-98) of this section. This Year’s Work covers work published in 2014. The stand-out monograph was Simon Palfrey’s Poor Tom: Living ‘King Lear’.

See the section here.


The Year’s Work in English Studies is the qualitative narrative bibliographical review of scholarly work on English language and literatures written in English. It is the largest and most comprehensive work of its kind and the oldest evaluative
work of literary criticism. The Year’s Work in English Studies does not merely offer annotated or enumerated bibliography entries, but provides expert, critical commentary supplied for every book covered.”


This chapter has four sections: 1. Editions and Textual Studies; 2. Shakespeare in the Theatre; 3. Shakespeare on Screen; 4. Criticism. Section 1 is by Gabriel Egan; section 2 is by Peter J. Smith; section 3 is by Elinor Parsons; section 4(a) is by Elisabetta Tarantino; section 4(b) is by Daniel Cadman; section 4(c) is by Arun Cheta; section 4(d) is by Gavin Schwartz-Leeper; section 4(e) is by Johann Gregory; section 4(f) is by Sheilagh Ilona O’Brien; section 4(g) is by Louise Geddes.